New: What Zandile Gumede promised residents of eThekwini

eThekwini Mayor Zandile Gumede’s first state of the city address added nine new promises to our database.

  • Criminals, organised and amaPhara, must know that Durban will no longer tolerate any criminal elements. We will push them out of the city towards the dark prison cells. We are reclaiming our streets and our town. Our kids, especially our girls, must walk without fear of being raped or robbed in our streets.
  • [Honourable] Speaker, we are not only going to be fighting criminals but we will deal harshly with corruption. When we deal with corruption, we will name and shame all those who steal from the poor. We will not name and shame people on the basis of allegations. We will do it through legal [action], not newspapers and fake social media accounts.
  • We are going to close down all the bad buildings, we will condemn them and we are willing to expropriate them without compensation. We will turn all these buildings into social housing, affordable and gap housing, students’ [residences], business or commercial usage and hotels.
  • We are cleaning our inner city and it’s going to be difficult [for] body corporates, tenants, traders – both formal and informal – who are disobeying our rules. We are removing all the illegal signs and billboards, clearing crime and grime. We already have demonstrated in Isipingo. We also commit that this is going to happen across the city and in all the towns from Pinetown to Tongaat.

  • We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and meeting the Paris Agreement targets.
  • The City is committed to revitalising the inner city through our Inner City Regeneration Plan, which aims to attract business back into the city centre. Our plan has already received international recognition and our duty is to fully implement [it]. We are cleaning crime and grime; we are taking the city back from criminals. We want to bring our people, visitors, business, students and tourists back to the inner city. We have set aside a budget for it and we will have a zero tolerance approach.
  • Moja Cruise – we will be giving incentives to taxi drivers and owners who are respecting our rules. We will [officially] launch this pilot project this year. Our aim is to transform the public transport industry for the benefit of our public. Also to empower and transform the minibus operators so that we respond to the stigmatisation associated with the operations.
  • We will also be introducing a new debt collection system known as 80/20. If you owe us electricity we will install a prepaid meter and allow you pay us in [instalments].
  • Furthermore, zonal block sums of approximately R1 billion over the MTREF [Medium Term Revenue and Expenditure Framework] period have been set aside for ward priorities. This will be used to address concerns relating to pedestrian bridges, traffic calming measures, health hazards, sidewalks, passages and other critical issues, especially in underdeveloped areas and will be prioritised taking into account the areas with the most need.

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