Potholes, food bank on new mayor Thapelo Amad’s ‘low-hanging fruit’ list

What changes will residents see in his first 100 days of office?

Johannesburg’s latest mayor, Thapelo Amad, told the SABC’s Iman Rappetti he considered a digitised system that would make it easier for the Johannesburg Roads Agency to respond to potholes and a food bank to be low-hanging fruit.

“One, we need to digitise, we must get systems that would also identify potholes and feed to the server so that it becomes easier for JRA [the Johannesburg Roads Agency] to respond – to be responsive,” he said.

“The second one [that] would be on my low-hanging [fruit list is] to create a food bank – that food bank would also assist on removing the vagrants … street dwellers from the streets and those who are begging on the intersections, you know, because I think they contribute effectively in the crimes that are happening in our … country or in the city at large …”

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– Track My Mayor